Our Services

Individual & Group Services

Success Image Careers offers complete career development services geared for either individuals or groups. All are aimed at helping you gain better skills and improving your chance of getting your dream job.

  • Our clients receive one-on-one, customized counseling designed to uncover dynamic skills, personality traits and interests, in order to find satisfying new careers.
  • Career assessments are administered and interpreted so that clients can fully understand the information as it applies to them. Assessments can be powerful tools in having a better understanding of skills, personality, and interests, and how these relate to career choices.
  • This information can help clients make an informed decision concerning the best career for them. Often it is possible to transition skills directly to new careers.
  • Clients will be assisted in developing a career change strategy that includes creating a powerful, highly focused resume, practicing networking and interview skills, and developing a plan for a targeted job search.