Outplacement Services

In recent years, many companies have had to downsize their staffs. This is always a difficult process for management and for the employees. The trained counselors at Success Image can make the process easier for management and less devastating and more productive for the downsized employees.

Success Image Counselors will help employees:

  • Create a positive attitude towards the job search process
  • Build confidence and project that confidence to others
  • Develop all the skills needed for success in the job search including, interview skills through practice and coaching
  • Assess new career opportunities
  • Develop a job search strategy
  • Help overcome obstacles in the job search
  • Set realistic goals and be accountable for accomplishing them
  • Develop a powerful resume and cover letters
  • Give genuine support in the job search
  • Our highly qualified counselors will meet with the Human Resource professional and help determine the needs of your company. Based on your company's needs, a proposal will be developed and presented
  • All materials will be customized for your company's employees
  • Both individual and group meetings can be provided
  • Meetings can be held on the company's premises or in the offices of Success Image

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