Success Stories

Success Image prides itself on a legacy of successful counseling clients and satisfied corporate clients who had real results through our programs. We stake our reputation on the quality services we have provided hundreds of individuals and many companies. We gladly give references and build most of our business by referrals from satisfied clients.


My experience with Success Image has been incredibly positive. It has enabled me to focus on my skills and successes for which I had not given myself credit. These new found skills have developed my confidence . I now know I can used these skills on my future career path. - Shannon Bishop

When I entered this class I was hoping to increase my public speaking skills, it helped me with this and so much more. I have gained tremendous insight as to my skills and feel confident in my ability to present myself to groups and in interview situations. I feel my confidence is stronger. I am better prepared to pursue my career and I am eager to do so. I hope to take classes with Success Image in the future. - Paul Maizon

I came into this class very anxious about what kind of career I would be best suited for and I had a feeling of urgency about figuring this out. Within just a few weeks, I learned more about myself and my skills than I was able figured out in the past 20 years on my own! I learned public speaking skills, how to have a successful job interview, as well as a new sense of self-understanding. I am much more confident in myself and my accomplished. I know how to use my previous successes to market myself to a potential employers. I enjoyed the experience of being coaxed out of my comfort zone while in the presence of a supportive group who had the same concerns. This has been a truly enlightening and invaluable experience for me - for which I am very grateful - Fraya Bellin

Corporate clients

IBM CRM Strategy Group, Boston MA
These sessions were dynamic and very insightful, providing valuable information on communication styles and potential blind spots that exists within the group. The sessions were interactive and helpful in uncovering preferred methods of communicating and decision making. They helped to provide communication clues and presentation styles to use when working with clients and team members with different preferences.

The trainers were engaging and professional with a excellent working knowledge, I would highly recommend Success Image Inc for other training programs throughout IBM.

Steve LaValle, Partner
NY Day Care Business

A day care center noted for its staff's devotion to children and their unique needs was struggling. While the staff was great with the children, they were unable to collaborate on ideas and work well with each other. Success Image surveyed each staff member to uncover the main issues and based on the results, we determined that communication and conflict management were the key areas of concern. In response, we customized a program, using the Myers-Brigg Type Indicator (MBTI) and interactive exercises, to address the issues. Throughout the program, participants learned about their personality differences and how those differences could be beneficial to the group. In addition, they were able to use what they learned in relevant - and fun - scenarios. According to the Center Director, the participants benefited greatly from the program; they have been communicating with one another more effectively, which has made for a more pleasant and productive environment for everyone involved.

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